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Why Tossing Pizza Dough Isn't Just For Show


It's a familiar scene: you're at a pizzeria and behind the counter you see disks of dough flying high into the air. Whether you've witnessed it in person or seen it in the movies,
it's a familiar sight -- and one that makes us pretty hungry.
While this display seems like it's just for entertainment, there's more to this show than meets the eye. Tossing dough in the air actually serves a purpose.
Tossing pizza dough in the air also helps retain moisture. Some pizza makers use a press or dough sheeter to flatten out and spread the stuff out, but these devices lead to dry, crunchy crust. Spinning flattened circles in the air not only avoids this dilemma, but the technique actually helps ensure the correct amount of moisture.The airflow over the dough's surface dries it out just enough to make it less sticky and easier to handle. And the perfect amount of airflow makes for a perfectly crispy crust.

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