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The Principles of Various Grill Oven


Understanding the principle of various grill oven can help us to choose a suitable own grill oven.

Smokeless charcoal BBQ grill principle
Charcoal is the release of carbon dioxide in the combustion process, it is colorless and tasteless, and charcoal is burnt, itself no smoke. When ordinary grill oven grilling food will produce smoke, because in the grill food when the oil and seasoning fell into the carbon fire reason.

Gas BBQ Grills Principle
Are generally made of stainless steel as a furnace body materials, through an electronic pulse igniter, the use of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas combustion, heat to heating the above four independent high temperature crystal gas heating plate baking in the plate of food. With energy saving component control, electronic pulse switch can control the size of fire to control iron plate temperature, convenient and practical.

Electric grill oven principle
A heat source directly acts on the food direct burning type electric grill oven, barbecue food grease immediately dripping, no repeated infiltration oil, there is no oily fried, deep fried process, so the food with less fat, barbecue food is true barbecue flavor.

Solar grill oven principle
Solar grill oven is a reflection plate absorption captured solar optical collector, then carried no smoke contamination of food barbecue, abroad already very popular.

Crystal grill disk at 1000 degrees high temperature under the strict test, the normal combustion at 1500 degrees can be rest assured that the use, suitable for microwave oven, alcohol stove, gas stove. It is natural crystal, it passes through the 1800 ℃ high temperature refining casting, which is resistant to high temperature 800 ℃,  "burn, burst, baked, fried, fried" omnipotent!


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