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The Care and Maintenance of Grill Oven


Usually the oven maintenance:
1. The grill oven to keep clean, do not have a barbecue residual food or carbon dust/grease.
2. Grill oven placed in ventilated dry place.
3. Cover the barbecue furnace cover.
4. Do not place heavy objects on the grill oven
5. The grill netting can be coated with a layer of cooking oil to prevent rust

Grill furnace before use:
1. Clean grill oven fire, tighten all screws. The heat deformation of grill oven can barbecue process, if not installed correctly and firmly, grill oven deformation will be more serious, may affect the barbecue effect.
2. In the grill netting is coated with a layer of cooking oil, to prevent food stuck on the grill netting and cleaning will be more simple.

1, for charcoal, charcoal component should be moderate. If too much carbon, will produce high-temperature heat is not conducive to grill operates. Another high-temperature heat may cause fire barbecue accessories heat deformation, resulting in damage to the oven Shao Shao. in general, the area of charcoal should be controlled within 80% of the basin area, height does not exceed the height of the grill netting.
2. For the electric oven and portable gas BBQ grills, to long time will oven fire tune the high-end position
3. Barbecue food shall not exceed normal load of oven and grill netting. Otherwise, easy to cause the grill netting fall causing deformation and easy to cause danger.
4. Barbecue during use do not add charcoal liquid accelerant or sprays.

After grilling:
1. Wait for the fire extinguished spontaneously (charcoal stoves), the temperature dropped to normal temperature after the barbecue furnace, removal of charcoal ash, barbecue stove to wipe, including roast basin and grill netting can be cleaned with water and cleaning brush.
2. Will be grill oven with clean dry cloth to dry
3. The grill netting is coated with a layer of edible oil
4. Will  the grill oven be placed in ventilation/dry place/cover grill cover


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