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Lightweight,portable and compact wood fired pizza oven


This pizza oven is lightweight,portable and compact,will let you cook food in a short amount of time no matter where you are.It is capable of achieving temperatures of up to 500℃,and it takes just 15 minutes to heat it up and have it ready for cooking.

Product size: 753x692x1836mm
Cooking space: 600x550mm
Packing size:750x700x540mm
Surface treatment: High temperature resistance painting (Color can be customized)
1.Inner oven body: SUS430# T=1.0mm
2.Outer oven body: SPCC T=0.8mm
3.Door: SPCC T=2mm
4.Chimney: SPCC T=1mm
5.Stand:SPCC T=1mm
6.Stand handle:SUS430# φ25X0.8


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How did the pizza come?

Long ago people in Greece baked flat bread in round shapes. They added spices, olive oil, and olives on top. These were the first pizzas...


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