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Customization Guideline

1) Customized production
For customers have their own idea for design and need a factory for production, we launched “customized service". Customers send us samples or design draft to us, we will produce the products according to customer’s special needs.

The process is very simple. Customer send sample or design draft to us, we check and research to evaluate if the production is possible. If yes, we will quote to customers. Once the quotation is agreed, we will open mold and make samples. After customer confirming the sample, we will arrange the mass production.  

2) OEM service
"OEM service", means to display customer own brand or other specified contents on our products.
There are several ways to show the contents: silk screen, engraving, sign or laser printing.

OEM process: Customer selected products, including types and colors → customer send their brand name or specific contents to us→ Qiqiang check if the contents is legal →if yes, Qiqiang assess which is the best way to show the contents → Discuss with customer and work out a design draft for customer’s approval → Arrange mass production after the confirmation from customer.


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