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Our company's advantage


Price Advantage:

We are manufacturers of pizza oven and BBQ grill, can effectively control the production cost and guarantee the quality of the product, we promise to give you the best price and best product.

Product quality assurance:

All of our products are through the national testing agencies strict test, Conform to the international product quality standard.

Professional R&D team:

We have the professional R&D team,the target is to improving the design and technology continuously to develop the best product. In order to meet the need of the customers.

Customized products:

According to customers special needs and requirements, we can provide specific, tailor-made service and products to meet the special demands of local market. 

Provide OEM service:

Full OEM service to realize customer own brand packing.


What is pizza

Pizza is an oven-baked, flat, disc shaped bread usually topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella and then a selection of meats, salamis, seafood, cheeses...

How did the pizza come?

Long ago people in Greece baked flat bread in round shapes. They added spices, olive oil, and olives on top. These were the first pizzas...


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